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Sex Pill e door of the private counting room in which father and son were seated and said, There s a man outside wants to speak to you, Mr. Campbell. Who Sex Pill is he, Saunders I think it s Jones, who Sex Pill used to be in Sex Pill your employ as Sex Pill light porter. How does he look Well to do He is decidedly shabby, answered Saunders. Come to ask help, probably, muttered the merchant. I think I won t Sex Pill see him. Saunders left the office, but presently returned. Well, has he gone asked the merchant. No he says he wan.ts to see you on business of importance. Of importance to himself, probably. Shall I see him, Orton Yes, father. If he is humbugging us, we can send him off. So permission was given, and almost immediately Saunders ushered into the room a Sex Pill short, broad shouldered fellow, who looked very much like a professional tramp. Good morning, Mr. Campbell, said he, deferentially. Humph, Jones, is it you You don t look as if you had prospered. No more I have, sir. Don t come near me. Really, your appearance is very disreputable. I can t help that, sir. I ve just come from California in the steera

ge, and you can t keep very neat there. I believe you went to California to make your 1 rated male enhancement fortune, didn t you, Jones said Orton Campbell, with a cynical smile. Yes, Mr. Orton, I did. And you didn t make it, Sex Pill I infer from your appearance. I haven t got much money about me now, said Jones, with a shrug and a smile. You would have done better not to have left my employment, Jones, said the merchant. You whats in red male enhancement wanted higher pay, I believe, and as I wouldn Sex Pill t give it, Sex Pill you decided that you.could better Sex Pill yourself at the mines. That is about so, sir. Well, and what luck did you have Good luck at first, sir. I made a thousand dollars at the mines in 3x male enhancement a few months. Indeed said Orton, in Sex Pill surprise. I came with it to San Francisco, and gambled how can i produce more cum it away in one night. Then I was on my beam ends, as the sailors say. Did Sex Pill you go back No. I went to work in the hcg drops results city, and managed to get enough money to buy a steerage passage, and here I am. I suppose you have come to ask me to take you back into my employ That, Sex Pill I take it, is your business with me. No, sir not exactly. Then, what is it asked

Sex Pill

the merchant, looking a little puzzled. It crossed his mind that Jones might so far have forgotten his rule never to give away money for any purpose as to suppose there was a chance to effect a loan. Sex Pill I thought you and Mr. Orton might be willing to pay my expenses back to San Francisco, said Jones, coolly. Are you out of your head, Jones demanded Orton Campbell, amazed at the man s effrontery. Not at Sex Pill all. If this is meant as a joke, Jones, said the merchant in a dignif.ied tone, it is a very poor and, I may add, a very impudent one. What possible claim have you on us, that you should expect such Sex Pill a favor Have you heard anything of your ward, Mr. Campbell asked Sex Pill Jones, not in the least abashed. No. Sex Pill What has my ward to do with your concerns I have Sex Pill seen her, answered Jones, briefly. Where asked John Campbell and his son simultaneously. That information belongs to me, said Jones, quietly. A detective doesn t work without pay. The two Campbells now began to see the point. This man had information to sell, and would Sex Pill not give it up without what he considered suita

ble compensation. They determined to drive the best possible bargain with him. He was poor, and probably 1 male enhancement product could be bought over for a small sum. Your information is worth something, Jones, said the merchant, guardedly. I will go amazon penis pills so Sex Pill far as to give you twenty five dollars cash bathmate not working for Sex Pill it. That won t prnis enlargement do, said Jones, Sex Pill Sex Pill shaking his head. Your information may be worth nothing, said Orton. You Sex Pill may have seen her, but that doesn t show where she is now. I know where she is Sex Pill now, said.Jones. Sex Pill Is she in California I don t mind telling you as much as that, Mr. Orton. Then we can find her without your assistance. I don t think you can. At any rate, it will take time, especially as, if you don t make a bargain with me, I shall write her does testosterone supplements work that you are on her track. Father and son looked at each other. It was evident that Jones was no fool, and they would be obliged to submit to his terms or give up the